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    • No Set Up or Activation Fee
    • Low Price Guarantee
    • 30 day money back total satisfaction guarantee (less shipping and prorated data plan)
    • One Year replacement warranty on equipment
    • Bing Maps
    • Support based in the United States.
    • 20-second reporting shows you where your drivers are right now without having to call.


Check Out the Benefits of Vehicle Tracking

  1. Stop wasting wages while your employees drive around killing time. What do two or three wasted hours per week cost you?
  2. Are your employees collecting money from side jobs you’ll never know about? If so, you’re not just losing wasted wages, you’re losing revenue.
  3. End weekend trips to lakes, beaches, and golf courses in your company vehicles. At a full cost of at least 85 cents per mile this one really adds up.
  4. End the daily personal use of vehicles that can add up to a hundred miles or more per month. Just ten wasted miles per day adds up to 217 miles per month. Stop just half of it and you can save big money.
  5. How fast are your employees really driving? Do you have a Speed Racer? Do you know how much a bad safety record can cost your business in jacked up insurance premiums?
  6. Send the right driver — that’s the closest one — to the right job without wasting time calling 17 cell phones.
  7. When you cut down on wasted driving you’ll save money on fuel and maintenance.
  8. Do you like filling out mileage reports? Do you like paying people to fill out mileage reports? Eliminate tedious and error prone paperwork by automating this drudge work.
  9. Use our graphical breadcrumb trails to spot problems and fix inefficient daily routes.
  10. Beat out the competition by getting your sales staff to prospects first.

“Companies using (fleet) technology solutions reported an average improvement in operator compliance of 27.9%, and vehicle downtime of 15.4%…so an increase of 12.2% in service profitability was not unexpected.” Aberdeen Group, 2007

Many of Our Devices Install in Under 5 Minutes

To use our rechargeable GPS tracking device, simply put the tracker in your vehicle, plug it in, and start tracking.

Hard Wiring the Mobile Units

It’s easy to wire the GPS tracking device directly to your vehicle’s electrical system so that the GPS trackers never need to be removed or turned off.

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